Research priorities


1.     Utilisation of modern technologies to improve the precision and efficiency of key agricultural management practices


2.     Apply modern genetic and breeding approaches to improve the quality, sustainability, resilience and yield-led profitability of crops and farm animals


3.     Use systems-based approaches to better understand and manage interactions between soil, water and crop/animal processes


4.     Develop integrated approaches to the effective management of crop weeds, pests and diseases within farming systems


5.     Develop integrated approaches to the management of animal disease within farming systems

circle6.     Develop evidence-based approaches to value eco system service delivery by land users and incorporate these approaches into effective decision support systems at the enterprise or grouped enterprise level


7.     Extend the training, professional development and communication channels for researchers, practitioners and advisors to promote delivery of the above targets


8.    Improve the use of social and economic science to promote development, uptake and use of sustainable, resilient and profitable agricultural practice that can deliver affordable, safe and high-quality products.

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