11-546-future-of-food-and-farming-reportThe Foresight report on the Future of Food and Farming (2011) highlighted major challenges facing the global food system

Whilst individual sectors have published their own ‘Road Maps’ & strategy documents, these often appear to have been drafted in isolation and without due consideration to potentially synergistic or antagonistic activities elsewhere.

Despite some cross-sector initiatives, there has been a lack of ‘Big Picture’ strategic direction across the whole of UK Agriculture

Consequently a Commissioning group, comprising representatives of The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, The Agricultural Industries Confederation, The National Farmers Union, NFU Scotland and The  Royal Agricultural Society of England, supported by The Technology Strategy Board’s – Sustainable Agriculture & Food Innovation Platform, has developed, in consultation with the wider industry, 8 Strategic Research & Innovation Priorities for UK Primary Food production and has produced a set of Key Recommendations for their effective delivery. 

These have been set out in a report entitled Feeding the Future – Innovation Requirements for Primary Food Production in the UK to 2030 which will be owned by producers and used to help direct the principal funders of research to better target the allocation of resources in support of the industry’s drive to sustainably increase food production.

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 Commissioning Group>

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